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    Our handbag for beach and shopping not only offers spacious storage space, but also has a practical inner pocket for your valuables and essentials - a stylish and environmentally friendly solution for versatile use.

    Volume8 Liter
    Size38 × 40 × 18 cm
    ContentHemp, Allo
    Ready for beach vibes? 🌞🌊 Our trendy hemp beach bag combines style with sustainability and is a must-have for eco-conscious beachgoers. 🏖️

    🌿 The beach bag is made from robust hemp, one of the most sustainable plants on our planet. The hemp fibre requires little water and no pesticides, which means that you not only look good with this bag, but also do something good for our planet. 🌍💚

    🤲 Each of these bags is a handmade work of art from Nepal, which gives it a unique, authentic touch. Your style is not only individualised, but also culturally enriched. 🇳🇵🎨

    With separate compartments and pockets, it not only offers style, but also clever organisation for your beach essentials. 📚🧴

    Are you ready to enjoy the summer to the full and protect the environment at the same time? Get the ultimate hemp beach bag and become a star on the beach! 🏄‍♀️🌴😎