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    Hemp soapHemp soap

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    Our hemp soap with coconut, lemongrass and sesame cleanses and refreshes your skin in a natural way. Environmentally friendly care for your hands.

    Size6 × 5 × 2 cm
    ContentNatural ingredients, 100% organic Suitable for sensitive skin.
    OriginAuroville, Tamil Nadu, Indien
    🌱 Our handmade hemp soap is a true gift from nature. Made in India with love and care, it is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people who prefer natural care products.

    🌿 Why our hemp soap is so special:
    ✅ 100% natural ingredients: We only use high-quality hemp oil and other natural ingredients to pamper your skin.
    ✅ No microplastics: Unlike conventional soaps, our products contain no microplastics, which is good for the environment and your skin.
    ✅ Handmade in India: Each soap is traditionally handcrafted to ensure the highest quality.
    ✅ Sustainable packaging: Our soaps are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging that reflects our love for nature.

    🌻 Discover the benefits of our hemp soap:

    Deep cleansing and conditioning: hemp oil helps to gently cleanse and moisturise your skin.
    Relaxation for body and mind: The calming scent of our soap makes showering a relaxing experience.
    Environmentally friendly: By using our soap, you are actively contributing to the reduction of microplastics in our oceans.
    🌟 Give your skin the care it deserves while supporting sustainable practices. Our hemp soap is the ideal choice for an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    Treat yourself and your skin while protecting the environment.
    Choose the natural alternative - choose our hemp soap from India!
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