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    Cosmetic bag

    Cosmetic bagCosmetic bag

    This small hemp cosmetic bag is environmentally friendly and practical, with a zip for secure storage and a small drawstring for easy carrying.

    16.–25% Discount
    Volume0.25 Liter
    Size11 × 14 × 2 cm
    ContentHemp, cotton
    OriginKathmandu 44600, Nepal
    Discover our sustainable hemp bag! 🌿

    Looking for an eco-friendly bag that's stylish and practical at the same time? Our handmade hemp bag with zip and drawstring has everything you need!


    🌱 Sustainable: made from high quality hemp, one of the most environmentally friendly plants in the world.
    🌈 Versatile: Available in different colours to suit your personal style.
    🤩 Stylish: A trendy design that goes with any outfit.
    🎒 Practical: Perfect size for your everyday essentials.
    🕊️ Environmentally conscious: A contribution to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable materials.
    Whether for everyday use or as a special gift, our hemp bag is the perfect choice.

    Express your sustainable lifestyle and support the environment at the same time. Get your hemp bag today and help make the world a better place!

    🌿 Order your hemp bag now and set an example for sustainability! 🌿

    #SustainableLiving #EnvironmentalProtection #HempBag #PlasticFree #StylishAndEnvironmentallyFriendly
    #SustainableLiving#Environmental protection#HempBag#Plastic-free#StylishAndEnvironmentallyFriendly


    21.04.24Luca Lonardi