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    Hemp rucksackHemp rucksack

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    Join us on a trip to Nepal and discover our wonderful hemp lanyards! 🌏🇳🇵 Made by Hanfrucksack from 100% pure hemp, these lanyards are not only practical, but also a statement for sustainability. 🌿♻️

    Our hemp lanyards are handmade masterpieces created by talented artisans in Nepal. Each piece is unique, and you can feel that in every detail. 🤝🎨

    The sturdy hook ensures that your keys are securely fastened, while the hemp is an environmentally friendly choice. With our lanyard, you not only carry your keys, but also a message of sustainability and respect for traditional craftsmanship. 🌱🗝️

    Choose our hemp lanyard to emphasise your personal style while contributing to the preservation of our planet🌍🤗🇳🇵
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