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    Hemp and leather

    Small rucksackSalyan

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    Discover our small hemp backpacks with leather details and versatile pockets - the perfect combination of style and functionality. These backpacks offer you a stylish way to transport your essentials.

    65.–30% Discount
    Size30 × 30 × 10 cm
    ContentHemp, cotton, leather
    🎒 Exquisite craftsmanship from Nepal: our small hemp backpacks with leather

    Experience the beauty of Nepalese craftsmanship with our handmade hemp backpacks. Each backpack is unique, carefully crafted by experienced artisans in Nepal.

    🌿 Sustainable elegance:
    Our backpacks are made from high-quality hemp, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The leather detail gives each rucksack a classy touch and ensures longevity and durability.

    👜 Functional sophistication:
    With a variety of pockets, compartments and storage options, our backpacks not only offer style but also practicality. Perfect for everyday life, travelling, hiking or daily use.

    ✨ Unique details:
    Each backpack is handmade, allowing for slight variations in colour and pattern, making each piece unique. Enjoy the ornate embroidery and details that reflect the culture of Nepal.

    🇳🇵 Fair Trade:
    We are committed to fair labour conditions and sustainable production. With every purchase, you support the artisans in Nepal and contribute to the preservation of this traditional craftsmanship.

    🛍️ Buy now:
    Enrich your lifestyle with a piece of Nepalese elegance. Visit our online shop and discover the variety of our small hemp backpacks with leather and different bags.

    Experience the charm and quality of Nepalese craftsmanship with our unique hemp backpacks. Order today and help support the artisans in Nepal!
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